KAS Collection LLC is a high-end couture fashion company which specializes in sophisticated evening wear, stylish men and women business suits, and high fashion urban apparel. The company currently owns the licenses, trademarks and trade names of “KennyKas Custom”, “KAS Collection LLC”,  “W.E.T. (With Exceptional Taste)”, “KennyKAS Couture”. Based in Washington DC/New York, KAS Collection LLC has established themselves in the fashion industry as a unique and visionary company who is ahead of their time. In one word, KAS Collection LLC is passion.

It is about the intense emotion, grand enthusiasm, and creative spirit of one company and their love of fashion. KAS Collection LLC works in accordance with (l) Lead designs and (4) assistant designers and all concepts of Kenneth “KAS” Flanagan, KAS Collection LLC fashion designer; (2) individual clients who desire unique, tailor made, high-end fashion clothing and accessories; and (3) clothing boutiques/department stores that sell unique, high-end fashion clothing and accessories.

Our Philosophy

KAS man. He is confident, well-groomed, he pays attention to detail, he loves himself. He is free and successful. He makes his presence felt in any room. He can go to the office wearing an impeccable suit or equally with worn out jeans and blazer. He’s a man who lays down the rules, he’s not subjected to them. Exuding charisma, he imposes his traditions by wearing the cap, the waistcoat and the timeless white T-shirt vest. He's a gentleman, a father, a leader, a husband, a friend...but most importantly he is a man that knows what he wants and how he should look getting it.

KAS woman is exotic but confident and strong…she likes herself and knows she is liked. Very spontaneous. A woman that wants all eyes on her. A woman that is wanted by many, but loved by all. A woman that can wear a sexy alluring silhouette gown to a sophisticated business suit…but never lose control of her sexiness. She always wears very high heels which, in any case, gives her both extremely feminine and a sexy way of walking and unmistakable posture. She can indifferently be a manager, wife, mother or lover but she is always – and in whatever case – thoroughly a woman.