Your Wedding To Remember

We tailor-make your dress or suit by hand from your measurements and desires. "Making your dreams come true" is what we do. Because it should fit you perfectly. You are not a standard size.


Custom by you, Handmade for you

So many wonderful stories and experiences when you pair up with the KAS Collection Crew

"Look and feeling great with a Kenny Kas Custom Tailored Suit"

Anthony & Ashley

Just Married
One of my biggest concerns was not only getting my suit ready for my wedding but also making sure all of my Groomsmen met the same caliber of quality and feel I was going for. Thank God, KAS was to the rescue. At first it was a bit overwhelming with the selections and options but his keen eye and suggestions quickly eased that frustration. You know how you feel when you just got your hair freshly cut, well imagine that. It's the same when wearing a KAS made suit. Flawless and he left no details out. I was so elated! I've recommended him to many friends and family and will continue to do so! Thank you KAS!
Ashley Tilahun
KAS was super helpful, he went beyond his service to help style shop not only for my husband, but for the groomsmen as well.

It's Lifestyle...KAS Lifestyle

With Impeccable qualities

From the Bride:

When Anthony was in a need of a wedding suit, he was looking for a suit that expressed who I know he is: a classic, suave, smooth, and sensitive gentleman with such high respect not only for himself, but, for me and others. He wanted to find a particular wedding suit that would express exactly how I felt about him as a person. Anthony and I came across KAS suits. We both felt that KAS suits fitted exactly who Anthony is as a gentleman. Kenny KAS, personally told Anthony that not only he will make his custom suit, he will ensure that his suit will elegantly match my wedding dress and our wedding theme. Kenny KAS took a significant amount of time out of his busy schedule to accommodate Anthony, ensuring he was well suited up and ready to go for the wedding. When I saw Anthony at the altar, my heart stopped beating for a moment. I couldn’t believe how extremely handsome and sophisticated my husband looked in his KAS custom suit.

Our family members, friends, and wedding guests gave so many compliments to not only me, the bride, but to my gorgeous looking husband, who was rocking that elegant, and suave custom made KAS suit. I cannot thank Kenny KAS enough for turning my Prince into my King on my wedding day. Not only it’s a wedding lifestyle… it’s KASlifestyle.

~Ashley Tilahun

The fashion forward bride

Your Dream. Your Dress. The KennyKAS Collection captures the essence of all that is romantic, beautiful and fashionable for your taste and budget. Every KennyKAS bridal gown is available in all sizes and as always, at KennyKAS there is no extra charge for plus sizes.

KennyKas collection pursues excellence in design and irreproachable craftsmanship to create a gown worthy of your most treasured moments. We believe you should feel nothing less than gorgeous on your wedding day. Our designs blend rich fabrics like satin and lace with decadent beading and detailing. In every gorgeous detail, KennyKas can outfit your entire wedding party from head to toe. Simple, graceful styling is at the forefront of every design for KennyKas collections.

KennyKas is committed to designing and manufacturing bridal gowns that reflect superb quality, original design, and attention to detail. Our privately owned factory allows us to ensure all phases of production from start to finish are to our exact standards. Every KennyKas gown is made to order one at a time. We take great pride in the fact that we do not mass-produce our bridal gowns. Each gown is unique from the hand beaded designs & exquisite laces, to the fit and customization for every bride’s specific needs.


All KennyKas Suits/dresses are individually sized, patterned, and tailor-made by master seamstresses to fit your body perfectly.

Custom Design

Every girl deserves a special gown on her wedding day, and we believe that she knows what she wants best! Let us help you design your custom wedding dress instead of spending hours trying on dresses that aren’t right for you.

Amazing Quality

We know that your wedding is a time when quality means everything. Our fabric quality and craft meet or exceed what brides can get from high end dresses that are twice as expensive as those we offer. To ensure that you will be 100% happy with your dress, we will keep effective communication with you to pick every detail, from basic silhouette and fabrics to lace and beading.

Individually Handmade

A machine shouldn't be used to make something as intricate and delicate as a wedding dress. All of the dresses created through our very own seamstress and are 100% hand-sewn and knitted--layer by layer, dress by dress.

Reasonable Price

In traditional bridal industries, there are multiple layers between the actual dress-makers and the customers -- designers, wholesalers, traders, etc. All these layers raise the price and you end up paying 10 times more than you should. We cut out the middleman allowing us to provide you with high quality dresses within a reasonable price range.