DC Fashion Week 2016/17


D.C. Fashion week is where all the independent fashion designers, models, producers, entrepreneurs, buyers and fashion trailblazers all come together to create an economic development in fashion design, clothing, and to show off their fashionable attire. Washington, D.C. is known to hold such an event twice a year during the months of February and September. One of the most prestigious fashion designer to dominate the D.C. Fashion week runway is the KennyKAS Collection.

KennyKAS Collection has participated twice in D.C. Fashion week. During the event, Kenny KAS Flanagan, the owner of KennyKAS Collection, presented his collection of suits and sophisticated wear on display by having the models wear his collection down the runway.  He took his time to create classy yet, elegant suits and outfits for all his occasions.

At the end of the show, KAS was awarded the very first “Outstanding Achievement Award in Menswear Fashion”, presented by Executive Director of D.C. Fashion week, Ean Williams. KAS’ dream is to continue to showcase his designs to the world as he continues to reach the male & female population. "My brand, isn't about just wearing clothes, it's a Lifestyle... KASLifestyle"

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